Construct 2 Survival Game Project

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Team Members :

  1. James Barlian 2101695176
  2. Cindy Claresta Basrie 2101693845
  3. Stefan Liemawan 2101694690

Desert Survival

The object of the game is to survive in the desert for as long as possible without going hungry or thirsty, while having to protect deers from the wolves that are roaming around. It’s based on biology with aspects of survival and ecosystem. This game teaches the player :

  1. In order for the human body to survive, it must receive food and water.
  2. How Ecosystem and food chain roughly works.
  3. Human must also preserve and maintain the balance of our environment.


  1. Menu


2. Tutorial

In this screen the player will be able to check the controller settings on how to play the game.

3. Gameplay

When clicking play, this will be the screen that the player sees. The player starts with a set amount of Hunger, Thirst and Stamina. As time goes on the player will start to lose hunger and thirst which will have to look for some food and water. The player will have to hunt for his food, and there just so happens to be an overpopulation of wolves in this area. He will also have to find a source of water area on the map in order from dying of thirst. Also as the player roams around the map his stamina will also start to decrease as people know humans do get tired after all. A way to replenish Stamina is just to not move and it will slowly go back up.

Player Controls

  • The computer ARROW KEYS controls the movement of the character.
  • The SPACE key interacts with surrounding environment.


  • Stefan – Gameplay, Events, Actions, Layout Design
  • James – Music, Sprites, Ideas
  • Cindy – Gameplay, Menu, Concept Design

Internet Sources 

MAIN CHARACTER (human bases)
Art by Antifarea and Clint Bellanger for (

Free Desert Top-Down Tileset by Franco Giachetti is
licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
International License.

License details: attribution

Deer by Calciumtrice, usable under Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0 license.

Attribute Stephen “Redshrike” Challener as graphic
artist and William.Thompsonj as contributor.


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